HOTLINES: 562-594-4555 & 714-891-8121

Founded in 1979, Interval House is a six-time Presidential Award-winning program nationally recognized for pioneering innovative domestic violence and housing programs in over 70 different languages in-house.

Interval House is unique as the nation’s first survivor-led program. Interval House’s history reveals the powerfully dramatic story of an unprecedented and intentional philosophy of inclusion, empowerment and “training from within” that has inspired award-winning leadership and a historic longevity among staff. Today, over 98% of Interval House staff and advocates are culturally diverse survivors who have overcome violence, homelessness and trauma to become true profiles of courage, strength and inspiration.

The mission of Interval House is to ensure health, safety and self-sufficiency for victims of domestic violence and individuals at risk for abuse and homelessness, specializing in the most underserved and economically disadvantaged communities. Its goals are to restore a sense of dignity and self-sufficiency in women, men, children and their families, enabling them to reclaim their lives and achieve long-term safety and success.